Corporate Development

Corporate Level Hiring and Development

Athena Assessment Inc.

Our sister company, Athena Assessment is equipped to go beyond individuals, to corporate workforce development. Athena easily handles companies from a few employees to tens of thousands of employees.

Pilot Judgment provides development on an individual basis, with individual logins and personalized training, guiding individuals to their highest levels of success.

Athena works on a corporate level, offering services such as improved hiring, promoting, team building, succession, planning, and leadership development.  Athena administrators have access to a variety of reports and administrator training. There is no better augment to your corporate hiring process than Athena Assessment Inc.

Additionally, Athena clients may purchase Pilot Judgment memberships for their key employees from directly inside the Athena system.

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The Athena Quotient

Incorporate the Athena system into your company and you will agree that it is the end of hiring as you know it. Helping bring the right people into an organization is the most fundamental use of our service, and is often the application with the highest return on investment.

In fact, the overwhelming majority of our clients initially engage our services for exactly that purpose, hiring and promotion. We augment the hiring process with the use of our assessment, the Athena Quotient (AQ). This represents the most broad-based use of the tool. At Athena, we not only help you recruit the right people to your organization, we help prevent exposure to the wrong people, based on the quality of their judgment.

The AQ, combined with customized reporting and one-on-one consulting with executives, can help you:

  • Customize hiring based on your unique “best performance” models;
  • Hire and promote better employees at every level of your organization;
  • Lower attrition or turnover—to include backdoor turnover, the loss of your best employees;
  • Reduce costs associated with hiring mistakes such as recruiting and wasted training.

Athena Assessment Inc. can develop for your organization powerful and accurate metrics that can make hiring and promoting a measurable, and actually simple, process. We can reduce the subjectivity and “wishful thinking” which plays too great a role in most hiring processes, and replace it with measurable “decision criteria”.