Welcome to Pilot Judgment

Welcome to Pilot Judgment

Hi, I’m Commander Barry W. Hull, USNR (Retired), and welcome to Pilot Judgment.

I make the audacious claim that if you follow my program, you will become more successful than you have ever been, personally and professionally.

And just how do I do that? By showing you how to improve your evaluative judgment. Imagine if, from this very moment, you used better judgment and made better decisions all the time, every day, in all areas of your life.

We teach those skills by taking you on a judgment journey. Your journey starts with a cold, hard, honest look at your ability to evaluate and make smart decisions and choices.

The Pilot Judgment program is extremely powerful, yet the process is simple.  It takes only minutes to complete the Pilot Judgment assessment. It requires no preparation, study, or additional materials. Furthermore, you do not need to know anything about aviation or piloting.

Our program is not just another feel-good pep talk or pat on the back. We’re going to examine the very nature, character, and strength of your evaluative judgment. Should we uncover any weakness, we’ll help you improve.

Don’t worry, though. We’re not going to ask a bunch of awkward personal questions or dig into your personal life. Your judgment scores are entirely confidential; no one sees your scores except you. The bottom line is that you will be more successful in the workplace and closer to those in your personal life than ever before.

The Pilot Judgment program has been called an x-ray to the soul.  It is based on the original work of Nobel Prize nominee Dr. Robert Hartman. The benefits are real and will last your lifetime.

Thank you and welcome aboard. I look forward to seeing you in the member’s area,

CDR Barry W. Hull, USNR (Retired)

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What Our Clients Are Saying About Us

  • I highly recommend Pilot Judgment to anyone. It will be one of the best things you ever do.
    CDR Tim Palma, USN (Retired)CDR Tim Palma, USN (Retired)
  • I wish I had this when I was in charge of all US Navy personnel.
    Vice Admiral Gerald L. Hoewing, USN (Retired)
  • No doubt, this is a great tool and I give it my highest recommendation.
    Colonel Mike Meyers, USANG (Retired)
  • I've been with Pilot Judgment for well over a year and I love it. Every week I learn something new and helpful.
    Nicole AhernHousewife
  • I'm really glad I joined Pilot Judgment.  
    Keith JohnstonDistrict Representative Chemgard, Inc.
  • Pilot Judgment has given me a far more accurate and objective means of self-inventory now.
    Sergeant First Class Greg Stube, USA Special Forces (Retired)
  • This isn't just a career advancement program, it's a getting-the-most-out-of-life-program!
    Ann SanderSuccessful Residential Realtor
  • I'm an old geezer, but Pilot Judgment was terrific. Glad I did it, I'd do it again.
    Albert MurphyWorld War II veteran
  • If you're looking for an edge, Pilot Judgment will help you find it.
    Commander Doug Cooper, USN (Retired)
  • AMAZING! You have to do this!
    Nora Norton
  • As crazy as it sounds, Pilot Judgment has helped me become a better artist.  
    Eddie SchriefferArtist - Oil Paintings Low Country Art Gallery
  • Pilot Judgment is a great program and well worth the money.
    Bill McDanielMcDaniel and Company, Successful Commercial Realtor and Property Developer