Stress Management

Coping with Stress

Coping with Stress

Do you sometimes have difficulty coping with stress? Life can overwhelm us at times. Making good decisions can sometimes be hard to do, especially when outside pressures are causing choices to be difficult. Commander Barry Hull and the Pilot Judgment® program will guide you through the most difficult times of your life and help you find the power that you already have.

Put Yourself In Our Hands

You must understand yourself before you can handle stress.Stop trying to guess how to handle stress, and take a little time to actually understand yourself. This will not be difficult, it will not be just one more task you have to complete or one more thing you have to do.

After completing the assessment, you will receive very specific guidelines tailored to your specific needs, your specific stress.

Your strengths will be identified so that you may use them to your best advantage.

Your weaknesses will be explained so that you may strengthen them.

Often, the biggest stress is fear of the unknown. The cure for that is knowledge and understanding. Start with what you can control, yourself, and you will find everything is easier from then on. From day one, working with Pilot Judgment®, you will feel more capable and better able to handle your stress.

Understanding The Meaning Of Your Hidden Secrets

We are about to provide an x-ray to your soul.You will never be asked to reveal any confidential information, but we are about to provide an x-ray to your soul. We will tell you those things about yourself that you felt no one knew, or that you may not have known about yourself.

The wonderful things you can discover on this journey cannot be understated. Your greatest secrets, once you are ready to face them, can be the catalyst for discovering your greatest abilities.

Case Study — Matt, his Disabled Son, and Aging Parents

(Names have been changed to protect confidentiality)

Problem: Stressful home life causing health problems
Self-Analysis Prior to Assessment: Unable to manage stress
Actual Assessment Results: Resisting change, that is imminent due to circumstances, causing stress

Matt feels a crushing amount of stress in his life. He has a disabled son who requires full time care in the home, his parents live out of state and are in poor health, his job is demanding, and he is always stretched financially. He knows this burden of stress is going to kill him one way or another.

He has tried many different methods of relaxation and has read many books about dealing with stress. Matt sees a therapist on a regular basis. However, he does not feel that he is getting ahead of his stress in any way, and after his first heart attack, he knew he had to take this seriously.

He joins Pilot Judgment®, hoping for any additional advice on stress management. Matt is shocked to see that he actually scores very highly in Stress Coping Skills, Dealing with Difficult Situations, and Solving Personal Problems.

All along, he had thought that those were going to be his worst scores, in the areas of dealing with stress. More unusual to him, however, was that he scored very low in Receptiveness to Change. His problem was that he had an extreme resistance, even a fear, of change.

He simply did not like change, for any reason whatsoever. He was unable to see change as an opportunity for something better. He had not considered this before, but after learning more about his results, he realized that managing his stress would come about by examining the changes needed in his life and adjusting to them.

The idea that he was going to have to either move, or substantially upgrade his house to accommodate his disabled child had been a difficult idea to accept, as well as the possibility that one or both of his parents may need to live with him or move closer to him.

Even though he knew he needed to seek a higher-level position at work, he resisted it because he did not want to transfer to another department, as it would mean a change in jobs. Understanding that it was his resistance to change that was the issue, was the impetus for him to take steps to accept the things in his life that needed to change.

He learned how to deal with change, rather than being stressed out about it. There were several truly difficult situations in his life, but he was handling them well. The complications of his stress were not due to an inability to cope, but a deep resistance to change. He had no way to identify that before the Pilot Judgment® Assessment.

Resistance to change seemed normal for him because it was the way he was, and so he had no way to deal with what he thought were ordinary feelings and behavior. Understanding the true problem brought him a level of peace he had not experienced his entire adult life.