Self Improvement – The Truth

The Cold Hard Truth

The Cold Hard Truth

All problems have an underlying cause -- can you handle the truth?Self Improvement – The Truth

Can you handle the truth? Consider that all problems have an underlying cause. If you attack the symptom, and not the underlying cause, the problem in all likelihood will keep coming back. You might feel that you just need to try harder, or take different advice, or read one more book, or follow one more expert’s program. However, where many people fail, is that they do not accurately identify the root cause of the problem, your problem.

People who have weakness within their value structure believe that this state is normal, and they often set a very low bar for themselves. It is all they have ever known about themselves, so they have no frame of reference to tell them otherwise. As they often fail at their goals – losing weight, finding meaningful relationships, being successful at work, managing a complicated life, being a safer pilot – they seek help on what they believe their weakness to be, and feel they are simply falling short. Pointing out that they may have misdiagnosed themselves, and are building off of a false premise, can be an eye opening experience, one of those “ah ha” moments.

Until you can identify the issue, you cannot fix the issue.Seeing an accurate, objective, measurement of your value structure, one that cannot be fooled or misinterpreted, puts any weakness in your evaluative judgment into perspective. Until you can identify the issue, you cannot fix the issue. You will continue to “fix” a problem you do not have while the problem you do have festers and continues to complicate your life. It may not be easy to accept that all along, all this time, you may have been approaching problems the wrong way. However, if what you have done to this point is not working, and if you are ready to see the truth, the cold hard truth, then you will be able to go about resolving the actual issue and moving forward with a better life.

You may have believed certain things about yourself, your life, and your approach to problems. Being told differently can be difficult at first, but if you accept it and move forward to correct it, you will finally be able to conquer problems that may have plagued you to this point.

You May Not Know Yourself As Well As You Think You Do

Be willing to accept that you may have an inaccurate view of yourself.Being willing to accept that you may have an inaccurate and distorted view of yourself is an important first step. The Pilot Judgment® Assessment is an instrument that cannot be “gamed”, and no amount of studying will get you the “right” answers, as only you know what is right for yourself. This is a big step towards finding fulfillment in life, meeting your goals, crushing your demons, and finding your inner strengths. The question is, can you handle the truth?