A Fulfilling Life

A Fulfilling Life

Do you sometimes seek a more fulfilling life? How do you plan to make the most of it? Is there something holding you back? Decisions and choices in life come with consequences, and we all hope that every choice we make is guiding us down a better path, but that is not always the case. Pilot Judgment® will help identify where you are prone to personal pitfalls, and where your greatest chances for lifelong happiness and fulfillment can be found.

Are You Your Own Worst Critic?

Are you your own worst critic?Many people come down overly hard on themselves, due to mistakes they have made in the past, or decisions in their life that they regret. Coming to terms with bad choices is tough enough, but made even worse if you truly do not understand why you made those bad choices. If you cannot identify those tendencies that steer you in the wrong direction, you will continue to make bad choices. Take the guesswork out of it and find out, right now. The Pilot Judgment® Assessment does not ask what you have done in your past or what has happened before today. It will instead give you an honest evaluation of your decision-making process and identify areas where you may be struggling with your evaluative judgment. Take the step, right now, to end the tragedy of missed opportunities and poor choices, and begin to handle your life the way you want to live it.

Your Best Days Are Yet To Come

The Best is Yet to Come!A fulfilling, content life is possible through strong decisions that are made with confidence. Peace, security, happiness and joy are all possible, no matter what has led you to this point in life. You can identify, right now, what has caused you pain in the past. Learn how to stop the patterns of bad choices and unfulfilling actions. Seeking peace in your life is best done with knowledge of how to avoid those bad decisions that serve to destroy your happiness. You will enjoy greater fulfillment once you know these things about yourself.

Case Study – Amanda, Office Assistant

(Names have been changed to protect confidentiality)

Problem: Feelings of missing out on life
Self-Analysis Prior to Assessment: Dead-end choices in life
Actual Assessment Results: Overly strong sense of priority causing dissatisfaction

Amanda has typically made sound choices in life, and as a result has experienced stable employment, consistent financial security, and pleasant relationships. In recent years, however, she has had increasing feelings of dissatisfaction and listlessness, and she has feared that she has wasted her life. She doesn’t feel that any part of her day is rewarding, useful, or even interesting. She doesn’t know what part of her life to change – the job she performs flawlessly daily, the home she has enjoyed for decades, or the friendships that she suddenly finds dull.

She discovers Pilot Judgment® while researching the concept of making better choices in life. Her results showed that she has mostly solid, reliable judgment, with one extremely strong judgment score, by far above the others – her sense of Priority. Studying the Pilot Judgment® interpretations, she finds that people who have an extremely well-developed sense of priority, even though they have a strong understanding of what is important, they are more likely to feel burnout or generalized unhappiness if they feel their life is not meaningful enough. The description made perfect sense to her, and she considered, and then incorporated, some of the suggestions. In general, if a person does not find a feeling of fulfillment in their daily life, it is possible to enrich one’s life through volunteer work or other outside hobbies that bring about enjoyment and variety. Amanda is surprised to find that when she pursues these activities outside of work, that suddenly everything in her life seems brighter – she finds more meaning in the good choices she has made, and the volunteer work gives her meaning she had been missing all along. Amanda never thought about volunteering outside of her already busy life, but now that she has, her life has taken an incredibly positive turn, and Amanda feels satisfied and fulfilled.