A Little Stress Advice

A Little Stress Advice

A Little Stress Advice

By CDR Barry W. Hull, USNR (Retired)

By far, the biggest detriment to our good judgment is stress.  It can be entirely debilitating, reducing the best judgment to a litany of horrible decisions and choices.

It is not the amount, but the effects of stress that are the real culprit. Some people are simply better at handling stress than others.

One important thing to remember is that the number one, best, all-time, forever and ever, most effective tool for defeating stress is a good positive attitude.

It seems that a positive attitude can be the easiest thing, and yet at the same time the most difficult thing to put forth.

However, a positive attitude is a choice, it is a judgment call, it is within our control, and so every morning, just like you put on your pants or your skirt, put on your positive attitude.

You will find that is helps keep the negative effects of stress at bay, and allows you to better use your good judgment, which leads to higher levels of success and personal happiness.

Certainly, this topic is considerably more complex than simply the notion of maintaining a positive attitude.  Nevertheless, this small piece of advice can be a lifesaver.


Barry Hull is an expert in the field of evaluative judgment and decision-making. He helps organizations and individuals improve their success by helping them improve their ability to make good decisions and choices. Barry Hull is the founder of Pilot Judgment Inc. Additionally, he is a partner with the consulting firm, Athena Assessment Inc. He is a retired US Navy Commander, F/A-18 Hornet fighter pilot, combat decorated during Operation Desert Shield and Desert Storm.


  1. Author
    CDR Barry W. Hull, USNR (Retired) 10 years ago

    Anita, we do not diagnose psychological disorder. However, the scores provide an accurate measure of the influence of several types of stress in a person’s life.

    If I had to choose the single best benefit of Pilot Judgment (there are many), I would say it is the identification and lowering of stress. Many people have lived with stress for so long they become numb to its detrimental effects. Identify it, improve the ability to assign proper value, learn to cope with it, then mitigate it, start making better decisions and choices, and live a richer fuller life. Helping others do that is probably where I find the most satisfaction with our program.

  2. Anita 10 years ago

    I was wondering if your program could be a good fit for people with panic disorder or other anxious disorders? It is very hard for us to be positive (maybe that’s why we are unwell?), and having an effective method of coping with stress would help tremendously!

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