Reports and Videos

Reports and Videos

Taking the assessment and getting your personalized reports is the beginning of your judgment journey.

Yours will differ from these samples, as no two people score exactly alike!

Find out what might hinder your professional success or personal relationships, and then learn what to do about it. The advice is customized to your specific judgment scores.

Additionally, if you join with another member, you can compare and contrast your scores through the “crew” area. The crew section is included at no charge.

Are you already picturing how YOU will score? When you join, this will be the first thing you find out!

Pilot Report

Crew Report

Our online training includes videos and documentation covering every aspect of every score. Videos are entertaining and educational and fun!

Member's Only Video Magazine (48 min)

Sample Video - Work Ethic (8 min)

Pilot Judgment includes over 200 pages customized to your judgment scores.

View them online or download to your computer—smartphone, tablet, and printer friendly.