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This is what happened when Andrew joined Pilot Judgment®.

He completed a simple assessment in 30 minutes, and received his scores right away.

At that point, he noticed a few numbers he wasn’t expecting, so he entered the members’ area and started watching the video tutorials on improving his scores. He also noticed, and much to his relief, that he has some truly strong areas he can use to his benefit.

Andrew is also entertained by our online video magazine and the interesting stories and examples the team covers for the members. After watching a few short lessons, Andrew feels much more confident in the decisions he makes that affect his career, personal relationships, and life.

Choose Wisely

Is it possible to take back a poor choice you have already made? Wouldn’t it be better to have simply made a wiser choice from the start?

Everyone has inner strengths and areas of vulnerability, and self-assessment may not always be easy. Pilot Judgment® examines your judgment in over 40 different areas, including the effects of stress, your likelihood of workplace success, and your abilities to find meaning in relationships, personally and professionally.

You’ll have access to a self-guided, online curriculum (video and text) with as much detail as you would like on any of the topics that interest you. What is it, about yourself, that you would like to know?

Retired Navy fighter pilot, commercial airline pilot, business owner and renowned expert on judgment, Barry Hull, has a lot to teach you about making better decisions. Your choices affect your life. Choose wisely.

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Pilot Judgment® Membership is only $125.

When you join, you’ll receive an email with login information.

  1. Click the link in the “Welcome Aboard” email
  2. Begin the Assessment
  3. Upon completion, you’ll have access to the entire Members’ Area;
      • Pilot Report (your judgment scores)
      • Crew Section (to better understand your team)
      • Judgment Guide: 200 page online handbook created for you
      • Judgment Training Videos to help improve judgment and decision-making
      • Our online video magazine, Judgment Matters with Debra Capps
      • … and much more!