In Person / On-Site

In Person / On-Site

Coaching for Individuals, Groups, Keynotes

Through in person / on-site coaching, Pilot judgment® can help you, or your group, experience higher levels of personal and professional success.

Your assessment scores, accompanied with one-on-one personal coaching provides the tools to improve evaluative judgment for any type of business or personal need—executives, lower to upper level management, co-workers, athletes, couples, politicians, military, and more.

Personalized Coaching Sessions

In person / on-site sessions are personal and tailored according to the specific judgment scores for you or your group. Emphasis is placed on those areas where judgmental issues are most likely to occur, whether due to strength, weakness, or lack of balance.

Sessions are lively. Participants should be prepared for an open, honest dialogue, which at times, might be uncomfortable, but will be productive and beneficial. If there is any criticism offered, it will be entirely constructive, never personal, and always confidential, strictly for growth and success.

Group Sessions

Group Sessions

Judgmental issues specific to group dynamics will be identified and discussed.

Group services generally consist of a morning session for the entire group, followed by individual or sub-group interpretations during the afternoon, followed by a group wrap-up. Depending on group size, final wrap-up may be scheduled the next morning.

It is often helpful if participants share certain scores, although the sharing of scores is neither necessary, nor required, and no pressure will be directed toward any participant who does not wish to share their scores.

The Pilot Judgment® assessment must have been completed by all participants in advance of the on-site session.

Individual Sessions

Individual Sessions

Individual coaching sessions generally consist of a morning and afternoon session. The Pilot Judgment® assessment must have been completed in advance of the on-site session.

What You Can Expect

CDR Barry W. Hull, USNR (Retired)You can expect one of the most enlightening, informative, instructive, and beneficial experiences you have ever had. We will examine the structure of your evaluative judgment, your strengths and weaknesses, and ways to improve. With consideration given to your specific judgment tendencies, you will learn to make better decisions.

Groups will receive an in-depth analysis of group dynamics, areas of potential frustration, dysfunction, or “tunnel vision”, and what to do about it. Any group can expect to become a more cohesive, effective, efficient, and productive unit.

Individuals will receive an in-depth interpretation and analysis of judgment strengths and weaknesses, decision-making ability, valuing tendencies, and any surrounding issues that might enhance, or undermine, problem solving.

FAA Safety Seminars

CDR Hull is a frequent speaker on pilot safety for the FAA. Talks are given at various venues nationwide, and are typically announced on the FAA Safety Team website with 10-14 days notice. To stay informed of the talks and when Commander Hull may be speaking at an event near you, join our mailing list.

FAA Seminars Near You

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 The FAA Safety Team (FAASTeam) is committed to providing equal access to this meeting/event for all participants. If you need alternative formats or services because of a disability, please communicate your request as soon as possible with the person in the ‘Contact Information’ area of the meeting/event notice. Note that two weeks is usually required to arrange services.

Credit Available for Wings / AMT Programs

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What Our Clients Are Saying About Us

  • I've been with Pilot Judgment for well over a year and I love it. Every week I learn something new and helpful.
    Nicole AhernHousewife
  • I'm an old geezer, but Pilot Judgment was terrific. Glad I did it, I'd do it again.
    Albert MurphyWorld War II veteran
  • Pilot Judgment has given me a far more accurate and objective means of self-inventory now.
    Sergeant First Class Greg Stube, USA Special Forces (Retired)
  • I'm really glad I joined Pilot Judgment.  
    Keith JohnstonDistrict Representative Chemgard, Inc.
  • As crazy as it sounds, Pilot Judgment has helped me become a better artist.  
    Eddie SchriefferArtist - Oil Paintings Low Country Art Gallery
  • If you're looking for an edge, Pilot Judgment will help you find it.
    Commander Doug Cooper, USN (Retired)