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  • Can I expect to become more successful using Pilot Judgment®? Really?
    Pilot Judgment® is much more than a motivational pep talk and a pat on the back. Our program is based on hundreds of thousands of scientifically proven, statistically valid data points that lead to higher levels of personal and professional success.
    First, the Pilot Judgment® program will examine the nature, character,and strength of your evaluative judgment. Then, the program will help you shore up any areas of weakness, and tone down any areas that might be causing trouble. At Pilot Judgment®, you get the cold hard truth, and it works.
    Consider that the primary driver of our decisions and choices is our evaluative judgment, and so if we can add strength to our evaluative judgment, we stand a much greater chance of making the best decisions possible, reaching our full potential, and achieving our highest levels of success.
    Don't limit yourself. The key to your success is real and attainable through Pilot Judgment®.
    We invite you to join today.
  • Who can benefit from Pilot Judgment®?
    Literally anyone can benefit from improved judgment and decision-making. From homemakers to executives to college students to fighter pilots to everyone in between, judgment affects all of us.
  • Can Pilot Judgment® help me make more money, find a mate, and lose weight?
    Maybe we should have been more politically correct and said, “Can Pilot Judgment® help advance my career, help me find a fulfilling relationship, and help me improve my health?” The answer is yes, yes, and yes.
    More than anything else, we base our decisions and choices on our judgment. If we improve our judgment, we can improve our decisions, actions, and choices.
    Just about everything in our life has a very good chance at becoming better, from our relationships, to our professional careers, to personal difficulty and hardship, to flying.
  • I am an aviator. Can I expect to fly safer using the Pilot Judgment® program?
    Yes. If you believe that using good judgment and making good decisions are crucial to being a safe pilot, then you owe it to yourself to join Pilot Judgment®.
    Pilot Judgment® identifies areas of your evaluative judgment that might be underdeveloped, and helps strengthen them.
    Among many other things, you will learn how to deal effectively with stress, frustration, and clutter, three of the biggest detriments to the use of good judgment and decision-making.

Completing the Assessment

  • The following guidelines will help you achieve the most accurate results:
    1. Find a relatively quiet undisturbed location in order to avoid distractions while completing the assessment.
    2. Do not start the assessment unless you will have enough time to complete it. Most people complete the assessment in less than 30 minutes. However, there is no time limit, and the amount of time you take does not affect your scores.
    3. Complete the assessment entirely by yourself. Do not ask for advice. Do not have someone leaning over your shoulder watching. Do not let anyone make suggestions. Do not let anyone provide guidance or assistance. Simply put, the assessment must be entirely yours, and completed only by you, in order for your results to be accurate.
    4. Be honest with your answers.
  • What if some of the phrases seem unusual, irrelevant, or even ridiculous?
    Don’t worry about that. You may experience a variety of reactions, from very positive, to very negative, to somewhat indifferent, depending on your unique value structure. This is intentionally designed into the Pilot Judgment® assessment.
  • How long does it take to complete the assessment?
    Most people complete the assessment in less than 30 minutes. However, the assessment is not timed, there is no time limit, and the amount of time you take to complete the assessment does not affect your scores.
  • Why is it important to be alone when I take the assessment?
    If someone is watching or offering advice while you take the assessment, you will be influenced by their judgments. You should avoid this.
    Simply having another person watching, even if they are quiet, may alter your choices from the choices you would make if you were alone. Your scores may then not reflect the true structure of your evaluative judgment.
    Should you have a burning desire to share the assessment with someone else, have him or her complete the assessment (alone!) also, and then create a Crew Report.

Contacting Pilot Judgment®

  • Can I speak to someone at Pilot Judgment® about my specific scores?
    Yes, we appreciate and read all emails and we’re glad to accept your phone call.
    We provide an abundance of information in the member’s areas.  In the great majority of situations, you will easily find answers to all your questions.  This is one of the primary benefits of membership, a 24/7 Member's Area to help you better understand and improve your evaluative judgment.
    However, if you simply are unable to find an answer about your scores, give us a call.
    We occasionally read member emails on Judgment Matters, our online show, so make sure you tune in to each episode.
    If you or your group would like interpretation and coaching services beyond what is offered in the member’s area, please click the "In Person" tab.
  • Technical Support and sales
    Telephone: (864) 804-5552
    Pilot Judgment Inc.
    175 Rogers Commerce Blvd
    Boiling, SC 29316


  • Can I join Pilot Judgment® if I live outside of the United States?
    Yes, Pilot Judgment® membership is available for those outside of the United States.
    You should be literate in the English language with approximately an eighth grade reading comprehension in order to benefit from the Pilot Judgment® program.
    The optional printed copy of the Judgment Guide is not available for those outside of the United States. However, the online version provided through your membership is available for you to download and print.
  • Does Pilot Judgment® discriminate against any particular group of people?
    No. The results are not skewed based on any race, religion, disability, age, or gender. However, we do discriminate based on one thing — judgment!
  • What makes Pilot Judgment® different?
    Pilot Judgment® differentiates itself by having over forty years of clinical experience, comprehensive profile interpretations, and statistical analysis of hundreds of thousands of data points.
    No other company has more in-depth, real world experience with the objective measurement of judgment.
  • What if I think the results are wrong?
    As long as you are literate in the English language with an eighth grade reading comprehension, and honest in your answers, the assessment is accurate. The results might not be to your liking, but they are accurate.
  • What if I don’t like my scores?
    If you don’t like your scores, do something about them!
    Your scores represent your evaluative judgment, which you can improve. Study the Judgment Guide, watch the online videos, and stay on the lookout for new material uploaded to the website. Consider acquiring the recommended reading from the book reviews.
    Be open minded to your scores, and over time, your judgments will improve.
  • How much stuff is in the member’s area, and what is it like?
    The member’s area has over 75 streaming videos and documents, and it is growing. Some of the videos tend to be more educational, some of them more entertaining, but all are designed to help you in your judgment journey. We have video book reviews for recommended reading. Additionally, there are documents about certain specific areas of judgment.
    Pilot Report - a single page report containing all of your judgment scores
    Judgment Guide - 200 page online handbook created exclusively for you, explaining your judgments, in detail, and how to improve them. You may receive a printed copy of your Judgment Guide for an additional purchase.
    Crew Section (included at no additional charge) - you have the ability to compare and contrast your scores with another individual. This is popular among team members, spouses, friends.
    We continually add to the archive of information.
  • Can I share my scores with someone else?
    Yes. In addition to the Pilot Report for individuals, we have the Crew Report for teams. It compares the scores of two people, highlighting differences. Typical uses of the Crew Report are pilot/co-pilot, husband/wife, business partners, team members, etc.
    Inside the member’s area, you will find instructions to invite someone into your group so that you may share scores and create Crew Reports.
  • So you’re telling me that you can actually measure judgment? That sounds impossible!
    Most people don't easily believe that judgment can be measured. It seems surreal, vague, and philosophical; something relegated to academia, not something that you can actually put into everyday practice to improve your life.
    We appreciate that feeling, for all of us at Pilot Judgment® had those doubts and skepticism. However, judgment can be measured. By measuring your judgment, you can more fully understand your judgment. A full understanding of your judgment is vital to improving your judgment. If you can improve your judgment, you can improve the very quality of your life.
    We invite you to experience this magical instrument for yourself.
  • How long before I see improvements in my judgment?
    In certain “easy to improve” areas, you will see results almost immediately. Other “harder to improve” areas take time for judgments to develop.
    Bottom line, give us thirty minutes and we'll change your life.
  • What resources and efforts will I need to see results?
    You simply need an open mind to your scores, and then devote some time and effort to the Pilot Judgment program.
    Login to the website, read and view the material, and improvements in your judgment and decision-making will follow.
  • How much does Pilot Judgment® cost?
    $125 - onetime membership fee; no additional or recurring charges.
    The entire membership area is included. You will have access to all scores, reports, documents and training videos.
  • How do I join Pilot Judgment®?
    Click one of the "Get Started", or "Join" buttons and follow the instructions.
  • Why is it called “Pilot Judgment” if the program is not specifically designed for pilots?
    We call it Pilot Judgment® simply because we use a benchmark of strong judgment as our standard. But make no mistake, Pilot Judgment® is a "judgment and decision making" program, not a "how to fly" program.
    Do not be surprised if your scores show some areas of weakness, as you are being gauged against a very high standard.
    Yes, our program helps pilots, but it also helps non-pilots, individuals, couples, co-workers, friends, ANYONE.
    Also, as a United States Navy F/A-18 combat fighter pilot, I thought the name Pilot Judgment® had a nice ring to it.
    CDR Barry W. Hull, USNR (Retired)
  • What do you mean by “judgment”?
    Within the context of the Pilot Judgment® program, judgment — or more specifically, evaluative judgment — is the ability, when presented with an issue or problem or situation, to observe and understand the dynamics of the situation, to determine what actions will make the situation better, and ultimately take action to improve the situation.
    The presence of evaluative judgment, or lack thereof, is measured with concrete accuracy by the Pilot Judgment® assessment, and subsequently we are able to create a statistically predictive analysis of the strength of your judgment and decision-making ability.
  • Why is Pilot Judgment® so beneficial?
    Pilot Judgment® is so beneficial because the program helps you to improve your evaluative judgment, which is the primary driver of your performance, your success, and your happiness.


  • Who Sees My Scores?
    Unless you engage someone at Pilot Judgment for additional coaching, no one except you sees your scores.
  • How do you protect my information?
    We use 128-bit encryption over a very secure cryptographic protocol to keep your data safe. No credit card information is stored on the Pilot Judgment® servers.
  • Am I going to receive endless phone calls, or spam emails after joining Pilot Judgment®?
    No. We will not share or sell your email or contact information with anyone under any circumstance, ever.
  • Does Pilot Judgment® collect any personal information?
    No. We do not collect personal information, nor any information regarding your personal history.

The Science of Pilot Judgment®

  • How do you measure judgment?
    Based upon the unique structure of your evaluative judgment, you will rank several lists of items from best to worst. Then, using high-level mathematics and a complex analysis, your judgments are measured. It is extremely accurate and highly predictive.
    Even though the Pilot Judgment® assessment usually takes less than thirty minutes to complete, it provides a vast amount of information. The creator of the original assessment was nominated for a Nobel Prize.
  • What is the “Standard Form―Byrum/Hull Method”?
    The "Standard Form―Byrum Method" is an interpretation of the original work of Robert S. Hartman, PhD. It has been used successfully by C. Stephen Byrum, PhD since the early 1970s.
    The "Standard Form―Byrum/Hull Method" is an updated and cutting-edge iteration, with advanced analysis and interpretations, innovative computerized reports, and computer/web processes that have been developed in close coordination between C. Stephen Byrum, PhD and CDR Barry W. Hull, USNR, (Retired).
  • Is the Pilot Judgment® Assessment like the Myer Briggs, DISC, MMPI or an IQ test?
    No, Myers Briggs and DISC are personality profiles; the MMPI evaluates psychiatric wellness; and an IQ test measures rational intelligence.
    The Pilot Judgment® assessment specifically measures evaluative judgment.
  • Are there validation studies?
    Yes, the Pilot Judgment® assessment has been validated in over 30 individual studies including construct validity, face validity, and predictive validity. Concurrent validation studies keep the results accurate and fresh.