Clutter is More Than Just a Pile of Stuff

Clutter is More Than Just a Pile of Stuff

Clutter is More Than Just a Pile of Stuff

Clutter is more than a pile of stuff

In fact, clutter is one of the biggest detriments to the use of good judgment.  It often leads to distractions, which can lead to poor decisions and choices.

Clutter can be mental and/or physical, too much in your mind and too much stuff in the garage.  This is one reason that it can feel so good to clean out the workspace or even clean out the refrigerator, to bring a higher level of order to your life.

Do not gauge the amount of clutter in your life by the amount in someone else’s life.  Different people can handle different amounts.  No matter how much clutter you can handle, when you cross over your clutter threshold, you are much more likely to become susceptible to distractions.

So, never underestimate the damage that can be done by too much clutter.  It can be much worse than simply wondering where you left your wallet; it can lead you to poor choices and decisions.

When you engage in an activity that requires your best judgment, compartmentalize any distractions. Place them in a corner of your mind until your activity is complete. Don’t consider this to be procrastination. You can deal with the distractions when your activity is complete, but distractions can be disastrous depending on the activity.

One of the great benefits of joining Pilot Judgment® is that we accurately measure your susceptibility to distractions and breaks in concentration.


CDR Barry W. Hull, USNR, (Retired)

Barry Hull is an expert in the field of evaluative judgment and decision-making. He helps organizations and individuals improve their success by helping them improve their ability to make good decisions and choices. Barry Hull is the founder of Pilot Judgment Inc. Additionally, he is a partner with the consulting firm, Athena Assessment Inc. He is a retired US Navy Commander, F/A-18 Hornet fighter pilot, combat decorated during Operation Desert Shield and Desert Storm.


  1. Author
    CDR Barry W. Hull, USNR (Retired) 10 years ago

    You’re right Anita, too much clutter can become a negative cycle, diminishing our decisions and choices. Until I became involved in this work, I didn’t realize just how big a deal it is to many people, who have crossed over their clutter threshold.
    Also remember, clutter can be mental and physical.

  2. Anita 10 years ago

    I’ve never considered the impact of mental clutter on my decision making, but it seems obvious (now!:)) that it may lead to making poor choices in life… which then contributes to more mental clutter… which then contributes to more poor choices…

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