Why so Inexpensive?

Don't Let the Low Price Fool You

Some people have the perception that if something is extremely low-priced that it must be rather useless or lacking in benefit.  Well, don’t let the inexpensive price of only $12.99 per month fool you.

The reason that we are able to offer such an inexpensive membership is simple–our incremental cost of goods is incredibly low.  Because Pilot Judgment is primarily an online service, the overwhelming majority of our costs are fixed.  Our variable costs associated with each member are low and we are able to pass those savings along.

Certainly we have overhead just as every other business does, but as soon as our fixed costs are covered, the unique nature of online streaming video and online generated reports allows us to maintain profitability in conjunction with a low monthly membership fee.  So again, don’t let the low price fool you.  Our members tell us repeatedly that they can’t believe the high volume of useful information and the overwhelming benefit that they receive for such a ridiculously low price.

In fact, one marketing company told us to raise our prices significantly, that we are hurting our business, not only by leaving money on the table, but also by giving the perception of a “cheap” inferior service.  We were told that along with low price is typically a shoddy, second-rate, substandard product.  Well, that might be true for some, but it is not true for Pilot Judgment.  Our members appreciate the great service, the valuable information and our low price, and we are happy to accommodate.

With Pilot Judgment membership, the risk is small and the rewards are enormous, so why not sign up right now?  We look forward to greeting you in the members’ area.

Price Perspective

Monthly membership costs less than:

  • A pet scorpion
  • A new Ouija board
  • Four hours in the Nashville Airport parking garage
  • One square foot of concrete, installed
  • Two drinks and a large popcorn at the movie theaters (around $17)
  • An at-home Lyme Disease testing kit
  • A Kung-Fu class
  • One-half of a marriage license in Georgia ($30)
  • One-half of a tongue piercing in Ohio ($30)
  • One-half of a dog pregnancy test ($30)
  • One-third of a cake decorating class ($45)
  • One-third of a cheap metal detector ($45)
  • 0.06 ounces of Spanish Saffron (a rare spice)
  • Two pounds of alligator meat
  • One pound of maple syrup
  • One-half of a bowl of shark fin soup ($30)
  • A pound of chocolate fudge
  • Five Cayuga Duck Eggs
  • One-tenth of a tribal tattoo ($150)
  • One-fifth of a tooth extraction ($75)
  • Twelve minutes of surfing lessons ($75/hour)

So, join Pilot Judgment and learn more about yourself for less than it will cost you to get fat, talk to dead people, or be groped by the TSA.