Easy Cancellation

Easy Cancellation Policy

Our cancellation policy is simple: At any time, for any reason, or for no reason, without hassle, you may cancel your membership.  Simply send us an email using the same email address as your User ID (the one you signed up with so we can identify your account) and let us know that you would like to cancel your membership.  Give us a call if you prefer.

Usually in less than 48 hours we will cancel your membership.  It’s that easy.  Just in case you change your mind, and later would like to reinstate your account, we’ll maintain your information for about sixty days.

After you contact us for cancellation, if your account is automatically billed again, we will refund that last recurring charge.  Charging your credit card after you cancel will only occur if you inform us of cancellation shortly before your automatic renewal date and we don’t have time to turn off your automatic billing.  If this happens, it will only happen once, no need to worry that you must scour your credit card statement every month to see if we tried to sneak on another monthly charge.

Bottom line, companies that make it difficult to cancel annoy us too.  It’s not the right way to do business, and we don’t operate that way at Pilot Judgment.  Rather than make it difficult to cancel, we’ll be thanking you for the time you spent with us.

One word of advice, if you do decide to cancel your membership, make sure that beforehand you download your Pilot Report, Judgment Guide, and any Crew Reports you may have.  Upon cancellation you will no longer have online access to these reports.

What Our Clients Are Saying About Us

  • I've been with Pilot Judgment for well over a year and I love it. Every week I learn something new and helpful.
    Nicole AhernHousewife
  • I'm an old geezer, but Pilot Judgment was terrific. Glad I did it, I'd do it again.
    Albert MurphyWorld War II veteran
  • I wish I had this when I was in charge of all US Navy personnel.
    Vice Admiral Gerald L. Hoewing, USN (Retired)
  • As crazy as it sounds, Pilot Judgment has helped me become a better artist.  
    Eddie SchriefferArtist - Oil Paintings Low Country Art Gallery
  • I'm really glad I joined Pilot Judgment.  
    Keith JohnstonDistrict Representative Chemgard, Inc.
  • AMAZING! You have to do this!
    Nora Norton